Best VISA Processing Service in Bangladesh

Welcome to Cheap Mega Travel Pty Ltd. We are a professional and experienced Visa Processing Agency in Bangladesh.

The world has come close because of globalization. We can easily travel across the world from one corner to another for purposes like studying, medical purpose, traveling, business and to immigrate to another country and live there for the rest of the lives. Our support to our clients in providing visa assistance is limited to guiding & helping an individual in preparing all necessary papers for submission and in some cases act as an authorized submitter to the embassy. The embassies reserve all rights to accept or refuse any application at their sole discretion.

We also offering exclusive VISA service to all of our clients who don’t want to go into a hassle (standing on the queue) to collect their own VISA from high commission. Cheap Mega Travel will process all of your documents and represents you to Embassy, which helps you to get VISA more easily.

Why Cheap Mega Travel ?

Cheap Mega Travel is one of the most dedicated and best travel agency in Bangladesh, supporting for Medical Tourism, Tourist Visa, Immigration, and student visa. We ensure that your purpose for travelling is fully served by us.

Our visa specialist and professionals are dedicated to serve you with highest priorities. Years of experience in the tourism industry will help you for hassle free and relaxing visa processing experience.

Cheap Mega Travel know the best how much hassle and frustration a person has to face the due to the complex system, laws, rules, and regulation of visa processing. Our visa-processing experts will help you have a smooth trip and dedicated team will help you with your visa and passport problems. We maintain the relationship with the High Commission of a country and it’s Embassy with great care. Therefore, we are very much unique as a visa-processing agency in Bangladesh.


# 6 Months valid passport with minimum 3 blank pages
# Recent 2 Copies Passport size white background coloured photograph
# 6 Months Bank Statements & Bank solvency Certificate, Minimum 70,000 Tk per person
# Trade License (In English Notarized) or Job Leave Certificate (NOC)
# Visiting card (or Student ID Card for student)
# Company pad for business person
# Return Air Ticket in Singapore Airlines or Invitation Letter (For Singapore)
# Police clearance for Philippines