Quickest Medical VISA and Air Ambulance Service

Welcome to Cheap Mega Travel Pty Ltd. We are one of the best Medical Tourism service provider in Bangladesh.

It’s our special service whereas our customers want it. Specially we provide this service in Dhaka, India, Singapore, Thailand & Malaysia. Our mentionable services are Hospital contact, Doctors Schedule, Medical VISA, Air Ambulance and any other information related to this.

Air Ambulance Service

Cheap Mega Travel provides superior air Emergency Medical Services to the elderly, sick and injured patients both domestically and internationally utilizing Helicopters and Aircrafts.

We offer highly trained critical care doctors & nurses who are both licensed as well as screened by us to assure we are providing you with the best care possible. Air ambulance crews are supplied with equipment that enables them to provide medical treatment to a critically injured or ill patient. Common equipment for air ambulances includes ventilators,

Medical VISA Service

It is very hard to get a Medical visa for India, Thailand and Singapore. If you do not get help from Professional hand. We are helping Bangladeshi patients for many years to get International Medical Visa. We are arranging medical Appointment from any Hospital and city in India, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysi

Appointment & Treatment

We can arrange Hospital admissions, specialist treatment, Doctor’s appointments and referrals to Specialist Consultants. We have superior VIP services that assure patient will receive the highest level of attention and detail to make traveling as easy as possible.

Our patients range from those able to walk to totally immobile needing lifting assistance and unable to care for themselves. We offer a great alternative to our traditional air ambulances services while still providing equal care.