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Welcome to Cheap Mega Travel Pty Ltd. We are one of the best Air Ticket Booking Agency for all domestic and international flights

In this busy living schedule people do not have that much time and patience to spend, so people began to choose flight traveling as it is time efficient. Domestic and International flight booking has become a lot easier these days with the help of online travel portals.

These days the number of domestic flight booking has been increased a lot. Because most of the airlines provide low ticket rates, many people started to travel by air since the airline ticket charge is almost equal to premium train and bus tickets. Cheap Mega Travel is one of the best Air ticketing agency which provides the cheapest domestic flight tickets of all domestic airlines (e.g. Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Novo Air, US-Bangla Airlines, Air Astra etc.)

Why Cheap Mega Travel?


Cheap Mega Travel is one of the best Air Ticketing agencies, certified by ATAB, and offers the cheapest flight tickets of all domestic and international airlines.

Early years, passengers had to go to any travel agent in order to make flight bookings and they had to make cash payments. So the travelers had to take some effort for airline transport facility. But the situation has changed now. Our Online Ticket Booking facilities are available for domestic flight booking and there are different payment options as well. You can book airline tickets more easily than early days, this avoids searching for travel agents in your city and going to their agency to manually book the tickets. These facilities made domestic flight booking easier. This became a gift to the air travelers in this busy living schedule.

Cheap Mega Travel also has customer support teams to assist you with the ticketing and boarding process.

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